The Group Fitness Class Obsession, Explained

With the rise of trendy fitness classes you hear about all the time, such as SoulCycle, Pure Barre, and the like, you might be thinking what all the fuss is about — especially with the hefty prices often associated with group classes. As a self-proclaimed fitness class junkie (though I have yet to try either of the classes mentioned above), I wanted to share why I love group fitness classes and how they have changed the way I exercise.

1) The Environment

I’ve tried the at-home workout. It’s a no-brainer — why pay for classes or a gym membership when you can work out in the comfort (and convenience) of your own home? This is exactly the problem! There are so many distractions at home that it is easy to push working out to the side in favor of literally anything else. The act of getting dressed in your favorite workout clothes and leaving the house helps get you into the mindset and committing to working out.

2) Getting Social

Another great part of group fitness classes is you don’t have to do it alone! Forget your running “buddy” that always cancels at the last minute, thereby giving you an excuse to skip out as well. Your group fitness instructor (and class regulars) will always have your back. There’s a built-in accountability factor here as well, and regularly scheduled fitness classes make it easy to incorporate exercise into your routine.

3) Pushing Your Limits

The other tough thing about at-home and even gym workouts when you’re on the machines and doing exercises on your own is that you are your own self-motivator. This might be enough for some people but for myself, I find that I push myself so much harder when I’m in a class. Not only do I want to keep up with the instructor and everyone around me (I can be a *little* competitive), a good instructor inspires you push yourself to your limits and keep going even if you think you can’t.

4) Your Instructor Fearless Leader

A good instructor not only pushes you to your limits but also checks your form to make sure you are executing all the moves, lifts, etc. correctly to ensure you are working the right muscle groups and, more importantly, not potentially injuring yourself. Some instructors will also answer questions after class and their share fitness and healthy living tips. Don’t be afraid to ask your burning questions!

5) Having Fun

The first fitness class I ever signed up for was a Zumba class, because it was the “trendy” class of the time and seemed like a fun way to get my cardio exercise in as someone who hates running with a burning passion. To this day Zumba is my favorite go-to cardio class, with step aerobics coming in as a close second. Through fitness classes something I once hated (cardio workouts) has turned into something I love and look forward to.

For those of you that dread going to the gym or feel like you’re in a fitness rut, I highly encourage signing up for a fitness class! Try something new and you might discover your new favorite way of getting healthy and fit.

Which fitness classes have you tried? What are your favorites?