Day 73/100

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Went shopping at the outlets with my dad and sisters. A gorgeous day for the most part, with some random showers throughout the day. Did some damage at H&M which has turned out to be the best place to find affordable, business casual clothes. On the way home stopped by a local farmer’s market and picked up a strawberry and blueberry cream cake, which we ate while watching The Emperor’s New Groove.

Day 70/100

70 of 100

I was doing laundry and noticed that the dryer was making a weird sound, like something heavy was clunking around as it spun. After some trial and error of taking things out of the dryer, I finally realized that this was what was making the sound. I have no idea how it got in there, but I am so thankful that the ring remained protected inside the box. PHEW.


Day 66/100

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Finished up some summer assignments during the day and went out with le bf to an Afghan restaurant that I really like, as I was having a very intense craving. I got a lamb kebab with brown rice. Afterwards we went to see the new Amazing Spiderman movie with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They are absolute perfection, as was this blue raspberry slushie that we split. Yay, date nights.