Cacti, Water Lilies, and Roses! Oh My!

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day exploring The New York Botanical Garden. Though I am not the most outdoorsy person in the world, I enjoyed walking through the different exhibits … Continue reading

Day 73/100

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Went shopping at the outlets with my dad and sisters. A gorgeous day for the most part, with some random showers throughout the day. Did some damage at H&M which has turned out to be the best place to find affordable, business casual clothes. On the way home stopped by a local farmer’s market and picked up a strawberry and blueberry cream cake, which we ate while watching The Emperor’s New Groove.

Day 70/100

70 of 100

I was doing laundry and noticed that the dryer was making a weird sound, like something heavy was clunking around as it spun. After some trial and error of taking things out of the dryer, I finally realized that this was what was making the sound. I have no idea how it got in there, but I am so thankful that the ring remained protected inside the box. PHEW.