Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream

whish shave cream


Moisturizing, organic, and animal cruelty free. Do you need this shaving cream in your life? Keep reading for a full-length review…





Description: “If you’re used to shaving being a drying affair, you’re in for an incredibly luscious surprise. This thick whip provides a close, moisturizing shave with no drying foam. Its natural ingredients leave your skin soft, smooth, and pampered. Welcome to a gentle new world.

Available in pomegranate, almond, lemongrass, lavender, blueberry, coconut and limited edition seasonal flavors.

Shave Crave is made in the USA with Earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Tested on us, not animals™”–Whish website

Cost: I purchased this item as part of a B.Y.O.B. at the new Birchbox store in SoHo, in which I selected 5 different items for $15 total. More details on my Birchbox in-store experience here. The sample I received is 22 mL (.75 fl oz.). Full size product is $20 for a 150 mL (5 oz.) bottle, however it is important to note that the scent I received, acai grapefuit, is a Birchbox exclusive scent. Birchbox offers this product for the same price and with free shipping.

Reason for buying: I visited the Birchbox store and wanted to experience the B.Y.O.B. As a former subscriber to a subscription box, I enjoyed having power over which samples I received. For this particular category there were only three options: a nail polish, a skin cream, and this shaving cream. Of this options, I felt I was more in need of a new shaving cream.

Period of using product: 1 month

How I use it: No mystery here: I smooth this onto my legs in the shower, shave, then rinse.

First impressions: Smells great! I’m not the biggest fan of grapefruit but the scent was very sweet and pleasing, without being overpowering. I also noticed a few hours after showering how soft my hands were, and realized that they were soft from applying this shaving cream onto my legs. Legs felt smooth and moisturized. No additional moisturizing needed post-shower.

Pros: organic, all natural ingredients; moisturizing, nice scent

Cons: pricey, though if you look at similar products on the market (organic, all natural, etc) you will see similar pricing. For example, shaving creams from LUSH are at about the same price point.

Bottom Line: Great smell, great results, and I feel good about using the product because of its ingredients and the company’s ethics. As someone who doesn’t typically use shaving cream, this product has changed my mind on the usefulness of such a product.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I was not paid by Birchbox or Whish to do a review on this product. All opinions are my own.

Do you have a favorite shaving cream you can’t leave without? Let me know in the comments!


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