MAC Cosmetics Lady Danger Lipstick

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I may or may not have a love affair with MAC lipsticks…

Description: “Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made MAC famous.”–MAC Website

Cost: I purchased this item at MAC for $14(?). I could have sworn MAC lipsticks used to cost that much, but now they seem to be $16.

Reason for buying: I bought into the whole orange lipstick trend that came up last summer. After seeing Zoella wear orange lipstick all summer, I simply couldn’t resist. I saw her wearing the color Morange and tried it on in the store but it didn’t seem to suit me as well, as I have a warmer complexion than her. An associate at the store recommended Lady Danger, and as soon as she tried some on me I was sold.

Period of using product: 6+ months. I don’t use this lipstick every day–I have quite the growing collection of lipstick/lip products, which will be evident in future posts. Still a lot of product left in the tube!

How I use it: I sometimes use a lip liner but to be honest I never really got into the whole lip liner thing. In my experience MAC lipsticks are so pigmented and long lasting that even if I blot the lipstick before eating, the color will still be there after eating. I sometimes use a MAC 266 brush (or any small lip brush) and dip it straight into the lipstick to make an outline before applying lipstick from the tube so that I have a sharp, crisp line around the lips. I clean up any lines with either concealer, foundation, or sometimes just by wiping carefully with a finger. Practice makes perfect! I also do that trick where you make an O with your lips, pop in your index finger and pull it out in order to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth.

First impressions: Gorgeous color. Definitely an orange toned lipstick but a reddish orange which is much easier to wear. Smells great–for those of you that haven’t tried MAC lipsticks, they don’t smell like conventional lipsticks. They have an amazing vanilla type smell to them that is pleasant to most people.

Pros: great pigmentation, long lasting, great smell, fairly inexpensive (for a high-end lipstick)

Cons: I personally love MAC lipsticks and they are the best lipsticks I have tried thus far. Lady Danger was my first purchase from MAC but I have bought more lipsticks from MAC since and they are all well loved. I’ve heard the comment that the packaging for MAC lipsticks doesn’t allow you to see what color they are without opening them up. I can definitely see how that could be annoying. However in my personal experience with my makeup collection, I know exactly what color the lipstick will be just by looking at the name of the product.

Bottom Line: Absolutely amazing. So happy I decided to give MAC lipsticks a try. I own many others and will definitely be purchasing other colors in the future.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I was not paid by MAC Cosmetics to do a review on their product. All opinions are my own.

What is your favorite MAC lipstick color? Any other lipstick brands you would recommend?


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