Day 39/100

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It was actually a pretty nice day outside, so I finally broke out a pair of shorts; a cream colored, high-waisted pair with shimmery gold detailing to be exact. Rose colored sweater is from H&M, shorts are from Abercrombie & Fitch, and I’m wearing a grey lacy camisole underneath (retailer unknown). Spontaneously decided to get my act together and put up another beauty review and it received such a great response from you all. It made me so happy and proud.

Day 38/100

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Another food post. Surprise, surprise. (I also eat healthy foods, I promise! O_o) Didn’t feel like waiting around for noon to eat and wanted to get an early start to my day. Drove off campus to my local bagel place and got an egg sandwich (2 eggs over easy with cheddar cheese and sausage on a toasted poppy seed bagel), with a hash brown (the potato obsession is real) and a small coffee (with hazelnut creamer and a Splenda). Ate my breakfast while catching up on some YouTube videos, then meditated for 10 minutes before starting my day of work.

Day 37/100

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Waited until lunchtime to eat because barely anything on campus is open before noon on the weekends. Lame. They had chicken and broccoli at the chinese food dining location near where I live which is always exciting because it’s pretty much the best thing they make, and for some reason they don’t make it often. I was extra excited because it was the first time I got to eat it post-Lent/being a pescatarian. It’s the little things, I guess.

Day 34/100

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Went Brookfest to see Childish Gambino and Diplo. It was pretty fun but FREAKING COLD. Seriously. I got some minor frostbite and it made my hand looked bruised. Took some bathroom selfies with my gorgeous friend while we took a break from the cold. Ended up playing board games in my PJs and eating pizza with some people from my building. Perfect, relaxing end to the night.

Day 33/100

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Went to an RA Appreciation event after a long day of classes. The activity for this event was a mini Easter egg hunt, followed by a performance by the “winners” who found a golden ticket in one of their eggs. Their impromptu performance was slightly sexual and uncomfortable but that’s okay. My secret RA buddy (like secret santa but little gifts/notes/etc. for the entire year) got me a notebook for me to write ideas in, and included a small personal note on one of the pages. It was incredibly sweet.

Day 32/100

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Attended a cooking demonstration class with some of my staff members. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was an interactive class. The chef let us roll out the dough and shape it ourselves, as well as decide what toppings we wanted on our pizzas. I made this pizza with another girl on my staff. It has mushrooms, garlic, breaded chicken, basil, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. YUM.